The first thing you notice about a car is the outside. Therefore it is important to make the outside look good. its is also equally important to make the car look how you want it to be.

The exterior is the most major part of the work on my car (at the moment!)

This is the standard spec of my driver:-


        Three Door

        Alpine White (L90E)

        Small Bumpers

        Twin Headlamps


This is what I modified:-


        90 Spec VW Big Bumpers (colour coded)

        Foglights In Big Bumpers

        Smoked Front Indicators

        Smoked Side-Repeaters

        16v Half Smoked rear lights

        Eyebrow Grill Spoiler

        Colour coded wing mirrors

        Numberplate Plinth lock removed and smoothed over, also colour coded

        14" 5 Spoke Mille Miglia Alloys

        16v Bee-Sting Aerial

        De-locked door handles with polished inserts

        CL front spoiler mounted under the rear big bumper

        8" Deep sunstrip on front windscreen

        Rear driver and Golf badges removed and holes filled

        Colour coded GTi badge

        Single headlamp front grille and grille spoiler.

        Standard spec rear spoiler bonded to rear screen




Recently i changed the entire look of my car - i removed the standard twin light setup and replaced it with a single headlamp grille - i decided to keep the grille badge since i quite like the style of it. It really cleans up the front and smoothes the look and gives a less cluttered appearance. I also intend fitting a colour coded grille spoiler as per the previous setup. Pictures can be seen below.


I also fitted a standard spec rear spoiler which i bonded to the rear window so that i didn't need to replace the glass or drill my current window. The spoiler is black at the moment but will be colour coded white in the near future.



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